Teds Woodworking

Ted  Wilson          Mansfield, PA   

 Woodworker/ Cabinetmaker/ Craftsman/ Artisan

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     Specialties include:

 Interior & Exterior Wood Doors/ Tables/ Kitchen Cabinetry/ Specialty Cabinetry/ Keepsake Boxes/ Pulpits/ Podiums/ Lecterns/ Chessboards 

 New challenges allways welcomed !! 

    Woodworking is my passion.


     I love the challenge of designing unique and beautiful custom furniture pieces that fulfill the desires and needs of my clients.     

     Here I am behind a pulpit that I built from Curly Hard Maple and striped it with Bloodwood.

       I love mixing different woods together, it really adds drama and interest to a piece. I work with local hardwoods as well as exotic woods from managed forests around the world.    

  Drop me a line if you have a project that I might be able to help you with.     

      Stop back from time to time, I update as new projects are finished.